The best bitcoin cloud mining websites in 2023

Investments in bitcoin cloud mining are the most reasonable step in both preserving and multiplying your cryptocurrency savings. In a few words, bitcoin cloud mining is a simplified mining process, which relieves you of paying for extra electricity costs, guarantees you 24/7/365 control, and you don’t need to buy expensive hardware and other costly things associated with classic (hardware) mining.

In the list below, you will find verified platforms which that offer bitcoin cloud mining services in the form of contracts. The contract is the cloud of the hash power which you choose by yourself.  All your profits from mining in this way will be your guaranteed daily income.

We recommend that you should register for all cloud mining services mentioned below. They often offer you remarkable promotions and rewarding discounts on their products.

CCG Mining

CCG Mining logo

CCG Mining is the proven leader in bitcoin mining industry with head office in London. If you need to enlarge your investments in cryptocurrency, this cloud mining service will be your best choice. Besides three types of cloud mining contacts, CCG Mining offers every client to become an owner of a profitable bitcoin mining rig with a personal optimal solution. CCG Mining guarantees that your bitcoin mining is SSL-protected and has the best protection from DDOS attacks. With this company, your bitcoin cloud mining will become one of the best investments.


Hashflare is the top cloud mining service which specializes in various types of cloud mining, firstly on bitcoin mining. The platform offers the top-class customer support, user-friendly interface, as well as instant and automatic payouts for reasonable prices. Another bonus of Hashflare is that the service provides various types of unlimited contracts. Every miner can get income until it is possible. Hashflare`s prices are extremely attractive; in fact, they are the best in the market. Now the platform offers enormous discounts when using special promo codes.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is a recognizable service which offers cloud mining services for mining bitcoins and other popular types of cryptocurrencies. Numerous trustworthy miners’ feedbacks, proved daily payouts, multiple photos and video confirmations of their huge data centers, have already made Genesis Mining both distinguished and popular service among thousands of miners. The daily payments are especially indicative – nobody can steal you already mined bitcoins. All guests from MiningTop10 are rewarded with an exclusive discount. When you order a hash power, you should enter a particular promo code XXXXX and automatically get a 3% discount.

Bit Miner

Bit Miner mining platform owns several huge datacenters with ASIC-devices. Like most serious cloud mining services, the platform sells both the option of mining bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrencies. There is a full list of working mining algorithms they currently offer. You can sell all purchased hash power on the exchange at any time you wish. All their contracts go with high profitability and reasonable prices.


EOBot is one of the top cloud mining platforms in 2019. It offers mining both bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The service provides its software which can be swiftly installed on your PC. There is an exclusive faucet on the platform`s website, distributing a considerable amount of Satoshi and other cryptocurrencies.


Hashing24 is one of the few cloud mining services which offer really profitable terms for earning bitcoins. Though the service aggregates the power of third-party data-centers, it keeps on working stably. Hashing24 is the constant participant of the list of the best cloud mining websites on the planet. Due to the dependence on its contractors, we strongly recommend Hashing24 as a reserve option for your investments.

Peculiarities of mining cryptocurrencies

In fact, the mining process is analogous to the investments to real commercial projects. However, it has own peculiarities:

  • The minimum of investments (it can be several dollars or just a registration);
  • Excellent performance regarding both time and productivity;
  • Cooperation on the contract basis (depending on the goals, a client chooses a suitable specialized website and the required hash power of cloud mining, as well as the mining conditions, funds accumulation and bitcoin payouts);
  • Remote location of companies (usually they are located in areas with cheap electricity);
  • Preferential use of ASIC-devices for mining;
  • You will find many relevant suggestions o the Web. To choose the best – make use of our checked list of cloud mining platforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud mining

In the information below, you will find all the most common pros and cons of cloud mining.

Advantages of cloud mining

  • The one-time price of contract purchase;
  • No additional fees;
  • The best electricity price. The cloud mining services mentioned above always do their best to maximize the use of renewable energy sources;
  • You start mining immediately!
  • 100% uptime guarantee! Cloud mining platforms operate 24/7/365. They cover system downtime, using its miners;
  • The equipment is located remotely. You never suffer from excessive heat;
  • The equipment is located remotely. You never deal with loud noise.

Disadvantages of using own equipment for mining

  • High equipment price;
  • You pay for delivery;
  • Possible customs expenses;
  • High electricity costs;
  • Waiting for delivery: You lose both days and weeks during which you could mine, and the equipment you paid for has already started to drop its initial price;
  • The loss of mining time owing to system downtime;
  • Any additional equipment is quite costly;
  • Power consumption of additional equipment;
  • Other costs for cooling;
  • Excessive heat;
  • Loud noise.