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About Minergate

Minergate.com was launched in 2012. It is one of the oldest and the most reliable services in the industry. Presently, over 1,500,000 clients use Minergate to mine cryptocurrencies daily. The service offers to mine such cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum.  However, as Minergate is the biggest multicurrency mining pool, you have a possibility to connect own hardware to mine such other digital currencies as Dashcoin, Zcash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Bytecoin, Fantom Coin, Digital Note, Bitcoin Gold, and Monero Original.

Minergate hides its founders and owners, as well as the company’s location at their official website. Every client of Minergate.com has an option to mine various cryptocurrencies simultaneously without reduce of hashrate for principal coin. All prices for mining contracts are available directly after registration only.

Pricing and Fees

Minergate charges just maintenance fee for both mining resources costs and electricity. The service withholds it from daily income for your contract. Minergate takes no extra money from your account. Moreover, you need not send any money to pay the fees in advance.

It must be remembered that Minergate takes the maintenance fees in US dollars. After you have bought every 20 GH/s power, you must pay $0.0066 maintenance fee. This sum is much lower than other cloud mining companies offer.

The minimum purchase equals 20 GH/s. It is much higher compared to other cloud mining services, which offer to mine from 1 GH/s. As Minergate allows mining 14 cryptocurrencies, we are giving an example of a bitcoin contract price:

  • 20 GH/s for 0.0034 BTC;
  • 100 GH/s for 0.017 BTC;
  • 500 GH/s for 0.085 BTC.

Minergate promo code

You can use promo codes to get a specific discount percentage to buy contracts at Minergate.com. Use them to save your money. Many online services offer promo codes.

Profit calculating

Minergate.com offers a mining profitability calculator which can show your estimated income. It should be kept in mind that all figures are estimated. They are aimed to allow you realizing how much you can earn using one of the offered cryptocurrencies. The calculator is available at the link: https://minergate.com/calculator/ethereum.

All profit calculations are based on the following formula:

Reward = ((hashrate * block reward)/present difficulty) * (1 – pool fee) * 3600

Payout and withdrawal

Each cloud mining contract that Minergate offers brings you the stable income. Clear contract history allows tracking your incomes easily. Payouts are based on either PPLNS or PPS methods. All payouts are made daily at around 12:00 UTC. Please note that first payout can be received within one or two days after Minergate gets the payment. When the access the minimum amount for withdrawal, you can withdraw your income straight from your dashboard.

You can withdraw as little as 0.01 coin to your wallet every day. All operations of this type are available in the “Withdrawal” section of your account.

Security of the service

Minergate can guarantee each its clients that this mining service will never pass your personal or financial data to any third parties. The protection from hackers is described at 95%. If you lose your funds in the result of a cyber attack, Minergate will not return your money. In this connection, the service asks all its clients to enable 2-step verification to guard your account against any malicious activity.

Customer support

You can ask your questions to a support manager and send propositions using either the online contact form or email (contact@minergate.com). The support department operates round-the-clock.

Minergate affiliate program

Minergate offers every client o participate in their rewarding affiliate program. Invite your friends and receive a percentage of the service`s profit. There are three levels of the affiliate program. These are:

  • Beginner: ten people, 30% of the profit;
  • Intermediate: 11 – 30 people. 50% of the profit
  • Professional: more than 31 people, 75% of the profit.

Pros and Cons

Minergate.com, like any other service for mining coins, has both benefits and drawbacks. We listed the most important ones below.


  • Convenient profit calculator;
  • Data centers are equipped with the newest hardware;
  • All mining rewards directly come from unlocked ETH, BTC, and XMR blocks;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 coins;
  • Responsive customer support;
  • The FAQ section is perfectly organized and user-friendly;
  • Small maintenance fee;
  • Rewarding affiliate program;
  • See-through pricing structure;
  • Reliable online protection.


  • A few methods of customer support;
  • Only three available cryptocurrencies;
  • The minimum purchase is 20GH/s;
  • A considerable part of users is unhappy with the company`s service;
  • No official information on the company`s owners and location;
  • No 100% online protection of your account.


Unfortunately, there is no information on the owners and precise location. Why do they hide it? According to users, Minergate is a reliable and promising service to get an additional income though they do not always respond clients` inquiries timely. Remember just one thing: you should never invest more money than you can afford at the moment. Happy mining!

  • Reputation
  • Support
  • Profitabliity


Minergate.com has proved itself to be a good service for mining cryptocurrencies. All its advantages are listed above.

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