Best Zcash cloud mining websites

What is Zcash cloud mining?

Not so much time ago Zcash turned into one of the most progressive types of contemporary cryptocurrencies. And immediately many platforms have included it in their list of available currencies for cloud mining. Zcash has also gained its popularity due to the uppermost security standards which guarantee complete anonymity to its clients. Zcash was launched at the end of 2016. Like Bitcoin, the total coin supply of Zcash is announced at the level of 21 million. Therefore, you should not waste your time and start Zcash cloud mining as soon as possible.

Peculiarities of Zcash cloud mining

It should also be mentioned that the core principles of Zcash mining are the same as if you mine bitcoin, altcoin, ethereum, monero, or dash. No previous experience is required. However, experts say that to get more profit and excitement, you should take time to study Zcash cloud mining process in details to know exactly what to expect from this type of mining digital currencies. So, use special forums, websites, and numerous experts’ recommendations that can be freely obtained online to improve your personal knowledge on Zcash cloud mining.

Best Zcash cloud mining websites

Now we are giving you the best Zcash cloud mining websites on the Internet. There are hundreds of online resources which offer services for cloud mining this type of cryptocurrency. However, only a few of them can be relied on. Below you will find top 6 websites which offer trustworthy Zcash cloud mining.

CCG Mining

CCG Mining logo

If you need to find the most profitable company for mining Zcash, CCG Mining is the best solution. Since 2016, this company has been providing effective services for mining all popular types of cryptocurrencies. Presently, Zcash cloud mining with CCG Mining is one of the most profitable directions. You just pay once for a contact and start mining immediately. The company offers the lowest electricity rates without any need to update your hardware. CCG mining provides one-year and two-year cloud mining contacts. Now the company offers the following contracts for Zcash cloud mining: Mini ($27.99 per year), Starter ($349.99 per year), and Pro ($3700.99 per year). You can also choose an available custom plan to mine Zcash according to your personal need. was created in Tallinn (Estonia) in 2014. It is one of the most reliable cloud mining services in the industry. The company`s office is located in Estonia and was created in 2014. proposes extremely effective tools for Zcash cloud mining without purchasing any costly equipment. is legit and trustworthy. Several types of payment methods are available, which you can use to withdraw your money. Hashflare offers the following clauses for Zcash cloud mining:

  • Used algorithm: QUIHASH;
  • Contract length: one year;
  • Price: $3.20 per 1 MH/s;
  • GPU Rigs hardware;
  • Minimum hashrate: 1 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk;
  • All payouts in Zcash are automated.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is another popular service for Zcash cloud mining. It is situated in Hong Kong. Currently, more than 2,200,000 people use Genesis Mining for cloud mining. Since the end of 2016, the platform offers a variety of Zcash cloud mining contracts. Genesis Mining offers the following contracts for Zcash cloud mining:

Starter (beginners’ choice)

  • Contract length: two years;
  • Cost: $530 for 200 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk.

Advanced (most chosen)

  • Contract length: two years;
  • Cost: $2600 for 1000 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk.

Professional (allows getting the largest profit)

  • Contract length: two years;
  • Cost: $7650 for 3000 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk. is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency markets on the planet. It is located in Slovenia. Almost 600,000 clients have already chosen to mine a variety of types of cryptocurrencies including Zcash. The platform offers several types of cloud mining contracts. All of them are secured from any outside interference with the newest equipment. For the unexplained reason, the contract prices are kept in secret. The administration recommends that you should write to a support department to get detailed information.

Eobot is one of the most straightforward and most visited platforms to start Zcash cloud mining. The service was created by the team of bitcoin fans from the United States in 2013. At the moment, more than 100,000 clients mine Zcash using Eobot. The platform offers various contract lengths for Zcash cloud mining. The customer support operates round-the-clock. All the information on dash contract prices is available upon request. Additionally, a particular profit calculator is available at Eobot website. It offers you counting the approximate sum that you can earn while using this resource for Zcash cloud mining.

In 2012, was created. So, it is righteously considered one of the oldest cloud mining providers in the industry. Presently, more than 2,000,000 miners use it to get real profits from mining various types of cryptocurrencies. Since recently, started to offer professional services for Zcash cloud mining for clients from the whole world where cloud mining is not prohibited. The company`s data centers are located in the countries with the cheapest electricity. Their equipment is progressive and the sufficient one. Customer support service operates day-and-night. Get all the necessary info concerning all obtainable Zcash contracts, their length, and pricing there. has already been running in the cloud mining industry since the beginning of 2014. For now, over 610,000 clients have already received comprehensive income using this service. supports litecoin, bitcoin, dash, and ethereum. The platform offers the lucrative contracts for Zcash cloud mining. To get the accurate prices, you should contact the customer support for more detailed information.

Advantages of Zcash cloud mining

  • Much more sufficient privacy to other cryptocurrencies;
  • Quick withdrawals;
  • Zcash value keeps on showing a stable growth;
  • A free and transparent monitoring system of your earnings;
  • Convincing contract types;
  • Zcash cloud mining offers the same amount of coins as bitcoins;
  • Easy and comfortable mining;
  • Mobile and desktop versions.


Since recently, Zcash cloud mining has already won the favor of users from many parts of the world. So, Zcash has proved to be a reliable digital currency which is worthwhile investing. In the review above, we have gathered the best Zcash cloud mining websites with their short description. Do not hesitate to use any of them to mine on Zcash and get an excellent extra profit quickly.