Best monero cloud mining websites

What is monero cloud mining?

Since the beginning of 2017, monero has turned into one of the most mined cryptocurrencies on the planet, though it was introduced to the market in April 2014. At the beginning of 2019, monero entered top 6 cryptocurrencies with the uppermost market capitalization. So, now monero cloud mining has been continuing to gain its value and has already become one of the most profitable types of contemporary cloud mining.

Peculiarities of monero cloud mining

Monero, or XMR, mining is based on the CryptoNote algorithm. So, secure transactions and utterly safe mining are guaranteed. Being a proof-of-work digital currency, monero mining does not require purchasing any hardware. You can engage yourself in monero mining using either GPU or CPU. ASICs are entirely ineffective with monero.

Before starting to mine monero, you need to consider the fact whether you would like to mine in a mining pool or individually. Another important advice is that depending on a platform you choose for monero mining, you would better use profit calculator to count your expected income from monero cloud mining. It is also desirable to look through most commonly visited forums and resource where miners share their strategies and thoughts on how to mine monero most effectively.

Best monero cloud mining websites

CCG Mining

CCG Mining logo

CCG Mining is the best company for mining monero now. The company started provided services for monero cloud mining in 2016. All company`s hardware is located in countries with the lowest electricity fees, which significantly reduces the contract cost. CCG Mining also offers the highest hashrates. The newest security technologies adequately safeguard the whole mining process. The company offers only two-year contacts without maintenance fees. Presently, CCG Mining suggests three types of monero mining contracts. These are Mini ($46.99 per year), Starter ($769.99 per year), and Pro ($2279.99 per year).

Genesis mining

This resource gives a perfect option for monero mining. Since 2013, the platform offers mining opportunities for the most types of cryptocurrencies. When monero has started to gain its popularity, Genesis Mining included it in its cloud mining list. This website is a very reliable and legit resource for monero mining. Presently, the following types of contract for monero cloud mining are available:

Blaine (starter)

  • Contract length: two years;
  • Cost: $830 for 1000 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk.

Dynamo (best buy)

  • Contract length: two years;
  • Cost: $2460 for 3000 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk.

Houdini (allows receiving the maximum profit)

  • Contract length: two years;
  • Cost: $7200 for 9000 H/s;
  • No maintenance fee;
  • No fraud risk.

Eobot started to operate on the cryptocurrency market in the USA, in 2013. It allows mining 15 popular cryptocurrencies, including monero, of course. This platform is known for its state-of-the-art customer support team, which is ready to help a miner with his trouble 24/7/365. Thousands of Eobot clients have already realized that this platform can give them a stable passive income. Presently, Eobot keeps its price schemes in secret. Therefore, before start mining, you should address this question to their support department. They always give the necessary information upon request.

Nicehash cloud mining service offers one of the most attractive options for monero cloud mining. Presently, there are over 120,000 monero miners on the site. They have already made more than 2,000,000 mining orders. The service offers the minimum order price which equals 0,005 BTC. The contract example:

  • Price: 0,05MH/s for 24 hours for $39,9;
  • Any mining pool is supported;
  • Transparent monitoring scheme;
  • The mining length: from a minute to fourteen days.

Miningrigrentals is another popular resource which gives perfect tools for monero cloud mining. It offers contracts of various lengths with several withdrawal options. Since the advent of monero, this platform has turned into one of the few places which propose profitable and reliable monero mining. Additionally, at this website, you can exchange monero for litecoin, dash, and bitcoin. All the information on prices and payouts is available upon request. To get it, please contact the support department, which operates daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p. m.

Minergate has recently announced that it has bought the most state-of-the-art and newest hardware which will make monero cloud mining more exciting and profitable, of course. Effective and trusted profit calculator is available. Below you will find a monero mining contract example:

  • Contract length: one-two years;
  • Maintenance fee (depends on your first deposit sum): 1 monero for 298 H/s;
  • Potential 6-months profit equals 600%;
  • No fraud risk.

Advantages of monero cloud mining:

  • The convenient length of a contract;
  • Quick withdrawals;
  • Transparent profit scheme;
  • Lucrative mining pools;
  • Total privacy is guaranteed;
  • More and more online stores accept monero as a payment method;
  • The value of the given cryptocurrencies grows daily;
  • Monero can be easily traded against bitcoins;
  • Monero can be easily exchanged for cash;
  • Instant payouts;
  • Monero is untraceable;
  • Secure and quick transactions;
  • Custom mining plans;
  • Absolutely no scam risk.


Monero cloud mining is turning into a profitable tool for getting additional income. If you need to find the answer to the question what the best monero cloud mining sites are, you will not have to wait for a response anymore. Above we have gathered top websites for mining monero. Each of them offers the most attractive contracts for monero mining. All the provided resources are entirely legit and trustworthy. Do not hesitate to try any of them to get your alternative income as soon as possible.