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Hashflare cloud mining

What is Hashflare?

In 2014, Hash Coins developers from Tallinn (Estonia) released one of their best products for cloud mining. It is called Hashflare. The platform provides quality services for mining various types of cryptocurrencies.

Hashflare has already made a productive and convenient environment to mine bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and other virtual currencies regardless their gender, sum of investment, location, or previous mining experience.

With Hashflare, you must be sure that all your earnings will be 100% transparent. Hashflare mining model is utterly opposed to those offered by hundreds of traditional mining platforms.

Is Hashflare legit?

Hashflare is absolutely reliable and legit cloud mining service. Plenty of the most reputable independent audit companies regularly verify this fact in their monthly reviews. Therefore, you must be sure that you will never be deceived here unlike many other similar businesses that are indeed considered scams.

How does Hashflare work?

Hashflare has developed an innovative system that makes all mining operations according to the type of contract you purchase and then pays out you the profit. The algorithm is simple. Your earnings depend on the hashrate according to your agreement.

What cryptocurrencies can be mined with Hashflare?

The platform allows all its clients to mine:

  • Litecoin (Scrypt contract);
  • Bitcoin (SHA-256 contract);
  • DASH can be mined with X11;
  • Ethereum (ETHASH contract);
  • Zcash (EQUIHASH contract).

What is the Hashflare contract duration?

The standard duration of all Hashflare contracts equals one calendar year. All contracts can be prolonged for as long as life endures. It should be noted that SCRYPT and SHA-256 go with operating costs (maintenance and electricity fees). All other contracts charge no fees.

What are Hashflare fees and pricing?

The Hashflare pricing structure is see-through. All prices are available in the table below:

What are Hashflare operating costs?

Hashflare has certain maintenance fees because cloud mining process requires using particular energy resources. Therefore, every miner must pay maintenance and electricity fees to cover all spent costs. Prices differ according to contract type and chosen hash rate.

  • SHA-256 contract: $0.0035 for each 10 GH/s;
  • Scrypt contract: $0.005 for every 1 MH/s;
  • X11, EQUIHASH, and ETHASH have no fees.

Maintenance and electricity costs are deducted from your account balance.

How to calculate your profit at Hashflare?

Your Hashflare profit can be easily estimated n the following way. Just deduct maintenance fees from income, which is formed by everyday payouts. The amount of payouts depends on the chosen hash rate type.

Use Hashflare profit calculator to know your projected profit. For example, let us calculate your yearly profit for $1.000 deposit amount for each of the offered contracts.

SHA-256 contract (bitcoin):

  • Minimal price – $1.50 per 10 GH/s
  • Projected profit – $5602.06 – 7158.19

Scrypt contract (litecoin):

  • Minimal price – $7.50 per 1 MH/s
  • Projected profit – $2038.42 – 2604.64

ETHASH contract (ethereum):

  • Minimal price – $2.20 per 100 KH/s
  • Projected profit – $1575.25 – 2012.82

X11 contract (DASH):

  • Minimal price – $3.20 per 1 MH/s
  • Projected profit – $233.93 – 298.91

EQUIHASH contract (Zcash):

  • Minimal price – $2.00 per 1000 MH/s
  • Projected profit – $1750.43 – 2236.66

Please keep in mind that your Hashflare profit always depends on both the given complexity of mining and currency fluctuations.

What is Hashflare Reinvest function?

Hashflare has developed a unique Reinvest function. It gives every miner an opportunity to purchase extra hashrate automatically if your current balance allows it. The feature can be switched on in the Balance block. Just click “Reinvest” and choose the hashrate type. When you activate the functions, all your current funds will be used to buy the maximum hashrate amount. When a daily payout is done, the system will automatically verify if you currently have enough resources to buy a minimum quantity of hashrate (1 MH/s for Scrypt; 10 GH/s for SHA-256). If your balance is ok, the deal will be confirmed automatically.

What is Hashflare discount code?

Hashflare provides all miners with various promotions and bonus offers. The most popular of them are:

  • Hashflare promo code. Plenty of current and previous promo codes are available at Hashflare website. You can quickly redeem them for discounts on buying hash rates;
  • Black Friday offers. Everyone knows what it means. Needless to explain. Just get promo codes for the best Black Friday discounts from Hashflare;
  • Cyber Monday promos and coupons. This option allows getting incredible discounts on purchasing various goods in hundreds of online shops across the globe.

What are Hashflare payouts and withdrawals?

Hashflare allows every miner to get daily/weekly/monthly payouts with neither fees nor limits. You can withdraw funds in such cryptocurrencies:

  • Scrypt/ SHA-256 contracts – Bitcoin (0.0106 BTC is the minimum sum);
  • ETHASH contracts –Ethereum (0.1006 ETH is the minimum sum);
  • X11 contracts – DASH (0.1003 DASH is the minimum sum).

What is Hashflare referral program?

Every Hashflare miner has its exclusive referral link. You can share it with any person whom you wish to invite Hashflare. When a new client uses your referral link for registration, he will become a lifetime referral, and you will become a referrer. After it, you get 10%+ referral bonus for every buying conducted by your referral. The gift will be added to your balance in bitcoin in a moment after the buying is confirmed. You can find your unique referral link in account’s dashboard by (“Referrals”).

What kind of payment methods does Hashflare support?

Every miner can purchase one of the desired contracts via:

  • WebMoney;
  • Visa/MasterCard;
  • Bank wire transfer;

Please note that if you choose to withdraw funds using Visa/MasterCard, Hashflare has two-week withdrawal hold period for additional protection.

Does Hashflare provide customer support?

Hashflare provides all its miners with round-the-clock customer support. You can choose the method of connection that suits you most:

  • Skype;
  • Telephone;
  • Ticket system;
  • Visiting Tallinn`s office.

What is about Hashflare`s security?

Hashflare guarantees that every miner`s personal account is reliably protected from any outside interference. You digital currencies will never be stolen when using this service. To prove this fact, Hashflare has recently implemented the high-tech encoding from COMODO, the leading world`s SSL provider. Moreover, using “Settings” section of your account, you may also switch on 2-factor verification for additional protection. It is a special security code which is generated by Authy and Google/Microsoft Authenticators’ applications.

Pros and cons of Hashflare

Regardless the field of activity, every service has its pluses and minuses. Let us figure out the most critical ones concerning Hashflare.

Advantages of Hashflare:

  • The most profitable mining contacts;
  • 100% legit cloud mining platform;
  • Five verified mining algorithms allow mining five cryptocurrencies;
  • Absolutely controlled data centers;
  • Advanced infrastructure and understandable interface;
  • Four types of payment methods;
  • Instantaneous payouts and withdrawals;
  • Unbreakable connection;
  • Professional support department;
  • Guaranteed daily, weekly, monthly payouts;
  • Needless to purchase expensive mining software;
  • 10%+ referral program;
  • Statistics is available 24/7/365;
  • High-tech client`s account protection;

Disadvantages of Hashflare:

  • Bank wire transfers charge some commission fee (depending on the bank and the country it operates in);
  • Operating costs for Litecoin and Bitcoin contracts.

To sum up

If you desire to get good additional income without purchasing expensive mining hardware, Hashflare will be the best choice for you. You just buy the desired contract and get daily, weekly, or monthly payouts. The advantages of this business are unquestionable. You risk nothing. You invest the sum you can afford and just wait for pocketing extra money.

  • Reputation
  • Support
  • Profitabliity


The platform is 100% legit. Because cryptocurrencies keep on conquering the world financial market, it is better not to stay aside. Register. Buy a contract. And start earning!

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