About is entirely legit and reliable online resource for cloud mining. The platform accepts such cryptocurrencies as Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The service positions itself as the smarter, faster, more powerful resource way to rent mining rigs for cryptocurrencies. was launched in February 2014. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to find any public information about the company`s owners. However, Miningrigrentals has been represented on the market of cloud mining services for three years already. Therefore, it can be considered a legitimate and trusted provider of services to mine cryptocurrencies successfully.

Supported algorithms

The platform supports the following algorithms:

Core Algorithms:

  • Scrypt;
  • Dagger-Hashimoto;
  • Sha256;

Fringe Algorithms:

  • Neoscrypt;
  • Libry;
  • Equihash;
  • Lyra2rev2;
  • Yescrypt;
  • Quark;
  • Blake256-14;

Please note that there are no restrictions to pool selection. Moreover, regularly introduces new rigs and algorithms.

Pricing and Fees charges certain maintenance fees for electricity. The service charges both sides of all deals. A 2% maintenance fee is taken to renters on rental transactions. There is also an extra 3% fee which is charged for every transaction.

The trendiest mining rigs offer the following prices for rent:

Sha256 mining rig (best price TH/D):

  • 00007099 BTC;
  • 00611554 LTC;
  • 00185490 ETH;
  • 00220341 DASH.

Scrypt mining rig (best price MH/D):

  • 00000160 BTC;
  • 00014757 LTC;
  • 00002890 ETH;
  • 00010906 DASH.

X11 mining rig (best price GH/D):

  • 00002277 BTC;
  • 00142398 LTC;
  • 00047276 ETH;
  • 00053544 DASH.

Equihash/zcash mining rigs (best price KH/D):

  • 00032825 BTC;
  • 02010202 LTC;
  • 00609009 ETH;
  • 00925443 DASH.

Promo code

Any reliable cloud mining service adores when its clients can save some money. is not an exception. It offers promo codes with some discounts on purchasing mining contracts. All clients can use them on their account page.

Profit calculator

Unfortunately, offers no profit calculator at the moment. So, it is impossible to count up your projected income.

Payout and withdrawal

The platform offers the following system of payouts:

  • Daily basis;
  • Fast payments: altcoins – within 15 minutes); bitcoins – from 2 to 6 hours (the process depends on blockchain load).

The withdrawal process is:

  • Daily basis;
  • The lowest minimum withdrawal sum 0.0001.

Security of the service

Internet security is the item which bothers the considerable part of clients. So, realizes this correctly. Thus, its administration has implemented the uppermost security technologies to protect its clients from online thieves. However, the service does not guarantee the complete security of your account from a possible cyber attack. To defend your account to the most significant extent, Miningrigrentals recommends that you should switch on the 2FA account security feature on your account settings page.

Customer support

If you choose to mine cryptocurrencies, you should be sure that you will timely get support. The key means of support are:

  • Ticket system (you get the answer within 12 hours); Ticket center ( is available for registered users only);
  • Email (;
  • Facebook (miningrigrentals);
  • Twitter (@miningrigrental);
  • Tumblr: (miningrigrentals);
  • Bitcointalk thread (MiningRigRentals).

Pros and Cons, like any other resource, is not 100% ideal. Nothing is wholly ideal in our life. Therefore, this service has its pros and cons. Find below the most vital ones.


  • Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are accepted;
  • Reliable and verified algorithms;
  • No minimum orders;
  • Special rig rating system helps to find the best rigs;
  • The lowest minimum withdraw sum 0.0001;
  • Fast payments;
  • The referral program is available;
  • Many tutorials are available;
  • Accurately calculated refunds;
  • You can rent P2P rigs directly can from miners;
  • No restriction to pool selection.


  • Too low work of the support department;
  • No complete security;
  • No profit calculator;
  • Transaction fees are charged;
  • Sky-scraping fees;
  • No information about the owners.

Conclusion is a promising and reliable resource for investing your money in cloud mining. Unfortunately, now it has high fees maintenance fees. However, do not hesitate to mine your favorite digital currencies on this platform. Available algorithms allow getting a pretty good income. Choose the desired algorithm and start to earn!

  • Reputation
  • Support
  • Profitabliity
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